About Us

The Rochester WordPress User Group includes people at every level of WordPress use and ability – from those just learning about WordPress and seeking information to advanced users, designers and developers.


Our regularly-scheduled meetups occur on the third Monday evening of each month from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Starting in April 2019 we will meet at the Newport Yacht Club in Irondequoit. 


In addition to our regular meetups, we hold coworking days every month, where users can drop in and work for the whole day together, or just a few hours. The creativity in the room is palpable, and the help between people is amazing. Coworking days are usually free. Depending on the location there may be a small fee or donation requested to cover room rental. 

Meetup members are also encouraged to create impromptu sessions and meetings outside of our regular schedule. 


In 2016 we established WordCamp Rochester – a full day of professional development, networking and fun all around WordPress. Check our Facebook page or wordcamp.org for the details on this year’s WordCamp! 

If you have questions, would like help setting up a meeting, or would like to present a topic at a regular meeting, let us know! Our meetups, coworking, WordCamp and more events are all posted in our Facebook group and meetup.com. 

Give and Get Help Anytime

WordPress is all about community! Give and get help anytime 24/7 on our active Facebook page or Slack Channel (Join our Slack here).

Meetings are held at:
(Starting April 2019)

Newport Yacht Club

694 Seneca Rd

Rochester, NY 14622